Fenner attorney responds to WoFF motion to produce recordings

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Attorney Paul Ditz representing Matthew Fenner who is at the center of the WoFF legal cases responded to a motion for Fenner to turn over any recordings related to Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF). Fenner is the prosecuting witness in the case of State of N.C. versus WoFF minister Brooke McFadden Covington and four other defendants – Sarah Anderson, Justin Covington, Robert Louis Walker, Jr. and Adam Bartley.

Brooke Covington’s Defense Attorney David Teddy learned of these recordings when the Associated Press published them at the approximate time a mistrial was declared in the assault and kidnapping case on June 6, 2017.

Ditz argues that the recordings were made long before charges were filed and were given to AP reporter Mitch Weiss years ago. Fenner affirmed there were no other recordings nor was he in possession of the devices used to create them. He had been prepared to testify July 17, 2017, but Judge Jesse Caldwell refused to hear the motions in the WoFF related cases.

Ditz requested that the Court treat his response to the motion as an affidavit for purposes of deciding on the motion. It is unclear when that motion may come before the court.

The Fenner and WoFF members case has become much more than a simple assault and kidnapping case. The case causes serious questions about the ability to obtain justice, freedom of religion, separation of church and state, corruption of local, state and federal law enforcement, obstruction of justice by attorneys, jury tampering and a history of alleged bribery, witness intimidation, possible payoffs, and suspected child abuse in Rutherford County, N.C.

Our apologies to Mr. Ditz for the former incorrect spelling of his name.