RC’s Word of Faith Fellowship featured on Globo TV

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — The GLOBO film team shot their footage in Rutherford County and had their television clip for the show put together and aired on Sunday evening. There currently is no translation, but the church videos and videos of Jane Whaley preaching are spliced in the ten minute piece.

Fantástico (originally known as Fantástico: O Show da Vida, Portuguese for Fantastic —The Show of the Life) is a Brazilian weekly television newsmagazine broadcast on Sunday nights on Rede Globo since August 5, 1973, created by José Bonifácio de Oliveira Sobrinho.

It lasts two hours, including commercials. Currently presented by Tadeu Schmidt and Poliana Abritta, it recognized as one of the best programs of Brazilian television, besides being the most watched program on Sunday.

The video also features John Huddle, author of Locked In, and Nancy Burnette  who are associated with groups assisting WoFF members to leave the church and also working along with others to prevent the possibility of child abuse.

Click here to see the video. Globoplay – Fantastico