MindKare – an encounter in the courthouse

And it asked how I was feeling?

RUTHERFORD COUNTY COURTHOUSE – I am in the courthouse virtually every day to check files, sit in on trials, or pull records. In fact, I visit the Criminal Division of the Clerk of Court so much asking for the same things that they shouted “NORM!” after the infamous Cheers TV character when I walked in Thursday.

Surprises are routine in the courthouse . Among them:

  • the man I was talking to was arrested right there
  • Suspect jumped out of the jury box and stood dazed in the middle of the courtroom
  • my cell phone went off during closing arguments (rolls eyes)
  • and I met a world class chef there.

So today was quiet so decided I would check the Register of Deeds. Tina and Patti always give me a smile and I could use one.

AND there it stood. Right there in the hallway against the infamous purple wall. No one was around so I ventured closer.

And it asked me a question:

How are you feeling?

“Confused,” I answered. “There’s an unmanned computer in the halls of the courthouse asking me about my feelings.”

Come see what it is all about Monday.
Rutherford County Flyer Mindkare Kiosk Unveiling 2017