Feds investigate as one Brazilian Church denies WoFF wrongdoing

RUTHERFORDTON — The Associated Press (AP) reported yesterday that one of the two Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF) Brazilian churches denies allegations of mistreatment by the WoFF in Spindale, N.C.  The Spindale WoFF church, referred to as the mother church, has been reported  as having subjected Brazilian visitors to physical and verbal abuse at the hands of ministers and were forced to work without pay. Leaders of the Word of Faith Fellowship and both churches in Brazil did not respond to numerous requests for comment made by the AP.

RC Catalyst also recently communicated online with WoFF church lawyer, Joshua Farmer, but he would not agree to an interview. Brazilian authorities are demanding answers for their citizens, especially minor children, who were sent to the WoFF.

Globo news team shooting in Rutherfordton, N.C. Sherman and Felipe were in town for documentary footage on WoFF.

Yesterday a news crew from Globo, a Brazilian free-to-air television network, was in town to film for a one hour special on Sunday evening. Globo is the largest commercial TV network in South America and the second-largest commercial TV network in annual revenue worldwide just behind the American ABC Television Network.

Through its network, the broadcaster covers 98.6% of Brazil’s territory. Recognized for its production quality, the company has already been presented with 14 international Emmys and distributes Brazilian sports and entertainment content to more than 190 countries around the world. In Brazil, Globo TV presently reaches 99.5% of potential viewers, practically the entire Brazilian population, with 122 broadcasting stations that deliver programming to more than 183 million Brazilians.