UPDATE: US & Brazilian authorities investigate WOFF treatment of Brazilians

SPINDALE — Ten former members of the Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF) church say they have been contacted by U.S. federal and state authorities according to the Associated Press (AP) publication today.  The full article may be read here.   The Brazilian federal police are re-opening a 2012 inquiry that WoFF was sending minors to the US.

Brazil’s foreign ministry said it was contacting the U.S. consulates in Brazil and U.S. law enforcement agencies for more information, and added that its embassy in Washington, D.C., was trying to reach Brazilians who came to the U.S. via the church according to the AP.

The article reports various charges that are being investigated and US District Attorney Jill Rose confirms there is an open, active investigation that includes Homeland Security into the actions of WoFF.