N.C. casino game night fundraisers still illegal

RALEIGH — Governor Cooper vetoed House Bill 511, an act to authorize nonprofit organizations to operate “game nights,” to provide for the regulation of nonprofit organizations holding “game nights,” to increase the ability of nonprofit organizations to hold fund-raising raffles, and to authorize reissuance of certain one-time alcoholic beverage control commission permits.

Gov. Cooper included the following veto message:

“I am not opposed to legitimate nonprofits holding an occasional ‘game night’ to help with donations to worthy causes. However, I believe this legislation as written could cause unintended problems. North Carolina law enforcement has fought for years against the for-profit video poker industry, and legitimizing charitable gambling in this way could give video poker a new way to infiltrate our communities. Allowing the industry to masquerade as a charity could cause unintended permits to be issued, and without tough criminal penalties enforcement would be difficult.”