Greenville orangutan makes his weekend escape

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The Greenville Zoo says Kumar, a male orangutan, escaped his enclosure this weekend. However, his freedom was short-lived – only around 10 minutes.

The orangutan found a weak spot in the wire that holds the netting together on the enclosure. Zoo officials say the orangutan never left the top of the exhibit.

The park was put into lockdown and guests were moved to safe areas during the brief escape. After staff returned Kumar to the exhibit, they used padlocks to secure the hole.

Contractors will be called in to make repairs and check for other weak spots in the enclosure.

According to a zoo administer, a similar incident happened with Kumar around 2 to 3 weeks ago as the park was closing. He says Kumar is “very inquisitive” and likes to “explore the exhibit.”

The orangutans have been moved out of the public exhibit until further notice.