N.C. Sen. Ralph Hise delinquent 44 days for amended filings

FOREST CITY – There is a billboard in Forest City near Davis Donuts asking why Sen. Ralph Hise is being investigated. The State Board of Elections made it very clear that his campaign finances were incomplete and inaccurate and gave him until May 5, 2017 to amend his filings.

N.C. Senator Ralph Hise shows excess loan repayment to himself and consistently filing reports with incomplete information. Among Hise’s constituents in District 47 are Rutherford County, Polk County and McDowell County. RC Catalyst requested a comment from Sen. Hise on Thursday March 9 but never received an response.

The Ralph Hise for NC Senate Committee has not reported a number of contributions, amounting to $9,700, that have been reported by various Political Action Committees (PACs) as having been made to the campaign committee of State Senator Ralph Hise. Also, the Hise committee reported a $1,500.00 “refund” from “University of NC” for a payment that was never recorded, making it an impermissible contribution from UNC.

State Senator Ralph Hise appears to have received over $10,000 more in loan repayments from his campaign committee than the total amount of loans he has made to the committee. Since the formation of the Ralph Hise for NC Senate Committee in 2009 campaign finance records show evidence of 17 personal loans from Ralph E Hise Jr totaling $50,694.37, and evidence of 39 loan repayments totaling $61,020.98, an excess of $10,326.61.

While verifying complainant Greg Flynn’s data, there were several additional items that need a closer look:

  • Hise pays his poll workers varying amounts. No address or phone information was provided as required. No comments were made as to the hours work.
  • John Bryan, known mostly in our area for the financial support of Challenge Foundation Academy, substantially supports Hise’s campaign.
  • A number of cash donations do not have compete donor information
  • Hise wrote a check for $4700 to the Switzerland Inn & Chalet for meetings and doesn’t provide the required address
  • Received a check from Sam Whaley, copastor of Word of Faith Fellowship
  • Hise has a number of in-kind donations from NC Republican Senatorial Committee that is its own “affiliated party committee” separated from the GOP fundraising operation.
  • And then there is a $35,000 payment to the NC Republican Senate Caucus for dues

Flynn reports on his website that he has filed a complaint with the State Board of Elections. There is no known action by the Board at this time.