Seven Reasons to Advertise on the RC Catalyst Website

1. Frequency. Your ad is seen more than in a stand alone site since our online newspaper has readers that return regularly.


2. Credibility. Your credibility goes up as the newspaper brand extends to the advertiser. Online advertising is more believable from a trusted local media site in most markets.


3. Targeted. If you want to target specific local market segments, then our newspaper is more personal, and more relevant because it is local. People know us and they will know you.


4. Purchasing power. If you have an online sales site, know that seventy-nine percent of newspaper site users purchase online compared with 49% of general users. Thirty-nine percent of online newspaper users have incomes higher than $75,000; 65% own their homes. Fifty percent of online newspaper users have spent more than $500 online in the last six months, and 63% of online newspaper users prefer to find out about new products through the Internet.  (Consumer Market Research)


5. Content. Our customers are your customers.  Over half of Internet users visit online newspapers for local news, compared with 40% for the local TV station Web site and 21% for the local radio station site.


6. High profile. Top executives (CEO, CIO, CFO or owner/partner), rank Internet advertising above all other media.


7. VALUE. Internet ads are cheaper, offer color, establish a web presence, and may provide links to your website that can increase higher rankings in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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