Woman sentenced for fraud of Lake Lure elderly couple

LAKE LURE — Joanna Marie Cain of 472 Jack McKinney Road, Forest City, North Carolina was arrested March 16, 2017. Cain, employed by an elderly couple in Lake Lure, was accused of fraudulently writing and endorsing blank bank checks stolen from the home, larceny of gift cards, theft of jewelry, and fraudulently charging merchandise on the couple’s credit card.

Cain was charged with multiple counts of Larceny of Chose in Action, Obtaining Property by False Pretenses, and Possession of Counterfeit Instruments, that being forged checks. Pursuant to NC General Statute section 14–75, “Larceny of chose in action” occurs when “any person shall feloniously steal, take and carry away, or take by robbery, any bank note, check or other order for the payment of money issued by or drawn on any bank, being the property of any other person․”

Cain pled guilty to all charges and was given three sentences.

District Attorney Ted Bell

In the first she received an active sentence of 6 – 17 months, the maximum allowed under North Carolina law.

“Unfortunately, with the Defendant having no prior felony convictions and with no applicable aggravating factors, 6 to 17 months is the highest sentence permitted under North Carolina law for these crimes,” District Attorney Ted Bell said.

The second two sentences were also for 6-17 months, consecutive to each other and to the first sentence, but which were suspended for three years. At the completion of the active sentence she will be placed on supervised probation and will be required to pay restitution of approximately $11,000.


3 Responses to Woman sentenced for fraud of Lake Lure elderly couple

  1. Sandy Buchanan 05/17/2017 at 2:14 pm

    This isn’t entirely accurate. She got the first sentence for breaking probation on another case. The active jail time for this case should have been consecutive, not concurrent. This was the second case. She should have gotten an enhanced sentence, not probation.

  2. Sandy buchanan 05/17/2017 at 6:03 pm

    Did Mr. Bell really not know that she was on probation for doing the same thing with a different agency and family when she was caught doing it to the Lake Lure couple? He needs to study up on NC structured sentencing guidelines. Being on probation for the same crime, strike one. Victimizing very old, physically and or mentally infirm individuals, strike two. And taking advantage of a position of trust, strike three. She qualifies for “enhanced” sentencing. Whoever handled this in the DAS office must have been hung over. It stinks.

  3. Staff Reporter 05/18/2017 at 6:33 am

    Actually this information came directly from court documents. We stand by the story.

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