UPDATE: Senate Bill 531: School Boards Can’t Sue Counties

Senate Bill 531 : School Boards Can’t Sue Counties

Sponsors: Tommy Tucker (R-Union), Bill Rabon (R-Bladen, Brunswick, New Hanover, Pender)

Status: Passed the Senate on April 26, 37–11

What It Does: Repeals the statutory authority for a local board of education to sue county commissioners for insufficient funding.

Why It Matters: This bill disenfranchises the local school board from challenging the county commissioners’ funding. The local school boards are already stressed with unfunded mandates from the State.

Under North Carolina law, local school boards have no taxing authority; instead they get their money from county commissions. For example, the former commissioners could have been sued by the local school board for their kicking the can down the road. Under this bill, if a local school board determines it cannot function on the amount of money allocated by county commissioners, the board will simply be out of luck.


04/26/2017 Senate Placed on Today’s Supplemental Calendar
04/26/2017 Senate Amend Failed A1 A1: S531-AMN-2-V-1 FAIL
04/26/2017 Senate Passed 2nd Reading PASS
04/26/2017 Senate Passed 3rd Reading
04/27/2017 Senate Regular Message Sent To House
04/27/2017 House Regular Message Received From Senate
04/27/2017 House Passed 1st Reading
04/27/2017 House Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

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