Republican NC US senator Richard Burr on Comey’s termination

“I am troubled by the timing and reasoning of Director Comey’s termination. I have found Director Comey to be a public servant of the highest order, and his dismissal further confuses an already difficult investigation by the Committee. In my interactions with the Director and with the Bureau under his leadership, he and the FBI have always been straightforward with our Committee.

Director Comey has been more forthcoming with information than any FBI Director I can recall in my tenure on the congressional intelligence committees. His dismissal, I believe, is a loss for the Bureau and the nation.” ~ Republican NC US senator Richard Burr~

RALEIGH — The Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, has invited fired FBI Director Comey to appear in closed session next Tuesday.

“The reasoning from the DAG’s letter dealt with an election issue that was from last year. If that was the impetus behind this, it should have been done on Inauguration Day, not in May,” said Senator Burr Wednesday.

He suggested that there was another motivation for the White House to fire Comey now.

“So the question is did something happen between now and then?” he offered.

Burr does not support hiring a special prosecutor. The Senate Intelligence Committee has the jurisdiction and responsibility to continue its Russia investigation and “we are going to do that.”



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