Rash of breaking and entering vehicles in Rutherfordton

RUTHERFORDTON — Rutherfordton police were kept busy on Tuesday with multiple reports of breaking and entering into vehicles. Most of the incidents were on Maple Street, Monfredo, and in the apartments area.

Among the items stolen from the cars were a N.C. Vehicle Registration Card, change in a tray, a Visa Debit Card, Iphone 6S, wallet with cash, leather wallet with SECU bank card, and driver license. One unlocked vehicle was rifled through. Seven B&E reports were taken on the same day.

Additionally, damage in the form of someone hitting a car with a baseball bat was reported on Maple Street as well. Over $500 in damage was claimed.

One vehicle, an older Chevy Van, was reported stolen at Rutherford Regional Hospital on April 16, 2017.


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