Isothermal names outstanding students for Spring 2017

Isothermal names outstanding students for Spring 2017

SPINDALE  – Isothermal Community College officials recently gave special recognition to 22 students.
The Spring 2017 Learning College Student of the Semester Awards were presented during two ceremonies in the Old Tryon Room of the Isothermal Library. The ceremonies were held at noon and 5:30 p.m.

This semester’s award winners are Jennifer Townsend, Chrisy Baynard, Janice McCraw, Jody Brackett, Raul M. Chavez, Norma Jean Franklin, Carla “Danielle” Jenkins, Heather Kanz, Jennifer Leigh Metzker, Chelsea Smith, Erwin Burrell, Melody Couch, Ashton Capozzi, Julia Cowles, Glenn Earley, Georgia Garrett, Shelia Hansley, Jimmy Hicks, Anna Hornback, Sheila Rodriguez, James Tuong and Christopher Willis.

The awards were presented by Johnnie Simpson, interim vice president of Academic and Student Services and Institutional Assessment, and Thad Harrill, vice president of Community and Workforce Education and Institutional Advancement. The audience was welcomed by President Walter Dalton.

Each student was nominated by one or several of their instructors. The nomination forms included a section of comments about the qualifications of each student:

Jennifer Townsend
Con. Ed – Career & College Readiness
Jennifer Townsend came to us after attending Boiling Springs High School in South Carolina. She was hard working and dedicated to finishing her high school diploma. Jennifer excelled in her math course work NC Math 1/Algebra 1 and NC Math 2/Geometry. Jennifer had to juggle her busy life between husband, three children, and the Adult High School Program at Isothermal Community College. She is currently enrolled in the Pharmacy Tech program on campus. The future certainly looks bright for Jennifer.

Chrisy Baynard
Con. Ed – Occupational Education – Allied Health
Chrisy displayed an amazing attitude and aptitude during the NA I program.  She was dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate no matter the situation.  The preceptors she worked with and clients she cared for during her clinical rotation sang her praises in every aspect.  Chrisy was able to balance the rigors of the fast paced training program with her work schedule and family responsibilities without ever missing a beat.  She is an exceptional student and will be a valuable member of the healthcare team.  Chrisy has a heart for people and passion for helping others.  She will go far in whatever health care field she pursues in the future.

Janice McCraw
Con. Ed – Occupational Education – Equine Studies
Janice McCraw has a great interest in the material being taught.  She takes copious notes, asks the right questions and readily shares her understanding with the other students.  She has an excellent grasp of the subject matter and always participates in classroom discussions.  She is a natural in the applied skills training and allows other students the opportunity to get their hands-on experience first.  She dresses appropriately for working in the barn, comports herself well and is very dynamic and positive.  She accepted a position working with horses, but recognized her need for more skills education and so, registered for the Groom Elite program.  She is absorbing the training like a sponge!

Jody Brackett
Health & Public Services
Jody is our “mother hen” student in the Early Childhood Education Program. She takes students under her wing and makes sure they are on target and getting whatever support they may need. She cares deeply for others which is a critical personality trait for individuals working in education. Jody works incredibly hard to be successful and it has paid off. She is proactive in getting any support she needs as well and clarifying assignment objectives. This dedication had helped her to maintain a positive focus and stay on track to graduate in Spring 2018. We cannot say enough about Jody’s commitment to “Finish Stronger.”

Raul M Chavez
Engineering & Applied Sciences
Mr. Raul Chavez is the recipient of the Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology Student of the Semester Award. Raul has distinguished himself through his commitment to learning and his desire to excel in his work here at Isothermal Community College.  Raul consistently maintains a high GPA. His determination and ability have resulted in the successful completion of his projects and assignments.  He is always willing to help others, and it has been a pleasure to have him in class.

Norma Jean Franklin
Academic Development
Mr. Burris states: It has been a pleasure to share the classroom with Norma Jean throughout this semester. We share coffee and laughs, but then we get down to business. Norma’s no-nonsense approach to learning is admirable—it is very apparent she is at Isothermal for a reason. She frequents the Writing Center, is highly inquisitive, always strives to improve, is punctual, always present, works well with others to help establish the learning community and atmosphere of her class. Norma is making solid progress in her writing and researching skills, and I have full confidence that her demeanor and ethic toward the learning process will take her far. For these reasons and many more, Norma Jean Franklin has earned the Student of the Semester Award.

Carla “Danielle” Jenkins
Business Sciences
This year’s recipient works diligently to submit excellent work and master course materials.  Danielle’s determination to succeed is evident in everything she does.  Her quiet and calm demeanor in class underscores a very bright mind. More importantly, however, she is outstanding because of her attitude!  She has a welcoming and caring personality, which is just one reason other students enjoy working with her.  She always has a smile on her face and a warm greeting for everyone she meets.  Her considerate attitude and helpfulness to others makes her a sought-after team member.  She is always described by faculty as “a genuine pleasure to have in class.”
Because of her demonstration of academic excellence, the Business Sciences faculty and staff proudly present the Spring 2017 Learning College Student of the Semester Award to: CARLA DANIELLE JENKINS

Heather Kanz
Associate Degree Nursing
Heather is one of our first Fast Track students. These students are required to complete the PNE program, pass NCLEX, and begin the ADN program all in the month of May. It is a strenuous transition and Heather not only succeeded but excelled, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.41. This last semester can be quite challenging, with class, preceptorships, ATI testing, and board preparation. But Heather is handling it all like a pro, all while working at Tryon Estates. She is proof positive that the Fast Track will be a valuable entry point into the ADN program.

Jennifer Leigh Metzker
Practical Nursing Education
Jennifer is a natural leader.  She excels in the class, lab, and clinical settings.  Jennifer works very hard and also helps others in class.  Jennifer will be a great nurse.

Chelsea Smith
Arts & Sciences
Chelsea Smith stands out amongst her peers as a very bright student whose determination to succeed is evident.  She has a quiet, unassuming personality with a great amount of patience and diligence in her academics. Chelsea is a great team member, possessing the skills of a leader while simultaneously allowing her partners to contribute equally.  She’s excelled in her studies at Isothermal this year, and with her drive and intelligence she can go far.

Erwin Burrell
Con Ed – Career & College Readiness
Erwin Burrell started the Adult High School Program in November of 2016. He did this after being out of high school for over 35 years. In just a few months Erwin has already completed four subjects, earning an A in every course. He has done this while being a husband, father and working as a truck driver for a water treatment company. Erwin drives to the coast and back several days a week. He then comes to the Oak lab around 5:00 and works until the lab closes at 8:00 in the evening. Erwin’s enthusiasm for earning his diploma is contagious. He is doing this for himself, with the hopes of making himself more marketable to employers in the future. For this reason Erwin has been chosen as the Spring Student of the Semester.

Melody Couch
Business Sciences
This student has an excellent work ethic and she exemplifies a learning college student. She works well in groups and independently. She possesses natural leadership skills so it is not uncommon to see her leading a group in the classroom or online. In addition to her educational responsibilities, she is the Secretary for Isothermal’s Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda and a work study in the Distance Learning Department. Because of her demonstration of academic excellence, the Business Sciences faculty and staff proudly present the Spring 2017 Learning College Student of the Semester Award to: MELODY COUCH

Ashton Capozzi
CCP (Career & College Promise – Career Pathway)
Ashton was selected for the Learning College Student of the Semester Award because of her high level of academic excellence. Ashton is currently the Student Body President at Polk County High School, she plays Varsity Soccer and works part-time. Ashton has demonstrated her high level of achievement both on and off the field. She will be continuing her academic success at UNC-Chapel Hill this fall.

Julia Cowles
CCP (Career & College Promise – Transfer Pathway)
Julia is a high school senior and will graduate this year with an Associate in Arts. Faculty and staff commend Julia for her hard work and for being an exceptionally driven individual. She takes the initiative to accomplish her academic goals, even when opportunities are not readily available. Julia has been accepted to The University of North Carolina.

Glenn Earley
CCP (Career & College Promise – Career Pathway)
Glenn is a senior at East high school. While pursuing his high school diploma, Glenn has been involved in the mechanical drafting technology program. Faculty and staff agree that Glenn is a well-mannered and hardworking student. Glenn is a determined individual and has made great strides in his academic career at Isothermal. After high school, Glenn plans to attend Isothermal full time.

Georgia Garrett
CCP (Career & College Promise – Transfer Pathway)
Georgia Garrett was selected for the Learning College Student of the Semester award because of her high level of academic achievement. Georgia is a 4 year Varsity Soccer player at Polk County High, she is an active member of Key Club, FFA and Girl’s State Attendee. Georgia plans to continue her studies at USC-Columbia this fall.

Shelia Hansley
Academic Development
Mrs. Spratt states: Shelia fully appreciates and understands how furthering her education will not only allow her to fulfill her career goals, but will improve her life through a sense of accomplishment and pride for her hard work. Shelia works diligently at her online math class; she always responds in a timely manner regardless of her work, family, and life obligations. She accepts the “difficulties” that many associate with math as an opportunity to challenge herself, learn, and expand her knowledge rather than a barrier that keeps her from her goals. She is a joy to teach, exhibits such kind and gracious characteristics that students and employees alike could learn from, and is the definition of a model student improving her life through learning.

Jimmy Hicks
Engineering & Applied Sciences
Mr. Hicks has been an outstanding student in the welding program for several years. He has worked very hard towards earning his degree in welding as well as getting his high school GED, all during night classes while holding down a 40 hr week job! He is an inspiration to others! He is a very caring and respectful gentleman who deserves recognition for all of his hard and dedicated work!!

Anna Hornback
Arts & Sciences
Anna Hornback is the embodiment of professionalism, dedication, responsibility, respect, and pride. She approaches every effort as a professional; she is dedicated to giving her best; she knows that she has a responsibility to give 100% effort in all she does academically; she respects every aspect of the academic process; and she takes great pride in all of her work.  Isothermal Community College and the Arts and Sciences Department are equally proud of Anna and her accomplishments.

Sheila Rodriguez
Polk Early College High School
Sheila was selected for the Learning Student of the Semester Award because of her high level of academic success. Sheila is a hard worker who dedicates much of her time to studying, setting goals and helping those around her. Sheila is an active member of the Science Club and Geek Club at Polk County Early College. She also works as an after-school assistant at one of the local elementary schools in her county. Sheila will continue her studies at UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall.

James Tuong
REaCH (Rutherford Early College High School)
James is tremendously dedicated to his studies, pursuing both an Associate in Arts and Associate in Science while attending REaCH high school. Faculty and staff recognize not only his academic ability, but also his determination to succeed. A faculty member said of James, “He pushes himself in ways that many high school students would not.” Perhaps most encouraging is James’s concern for his fellow classmates. James can often be found assisting his classmates with difficult or challenging course material.

Christopher Willis
Health & Public Services – BLET
Christopher enrolled into BLET Class 72 in the 2016 Fall Semester.  While he excelled academically, Chris was hampered with a medical issue that inhibited him from participating in his classes PT sessions.  When Chris received his medical clearance, he jumped at the opportunity to participate in Class 73’s daytime PT program, while still attending the Class 72 evening academic classes.  This results in a demanding schedule where Chris is in the classroom every evening from 6-10pm and is right back on campus for the 8 am PT session.  Without complaint or fanfare, Chris is making great strides in successfully completing the BLET program.  His perseverance in seeking his goal of becoming a police officer is truly inspirational and worthy of receiving this award.

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