Habitat property rezoned to residential in Spindale 3-1 vote

SPINDALE— Spindale Board of Commissioners in a 3-1 vote approved a rezoning request from Habitat for Humanity to change their property from commercial to residential zoning. Commissioners Glen Harmon, Ben Edwards, and Robin Ensley were in favor of the project while Commissioner  James Hamilton had the only opposing vote. Commissioner Nancy Walker was absent.

Commissioners will allow the organization to build five homes on property located at 129 Pennsylvania Avenue that was acquired in a 2012 property trade with the Community Pet Center (CPC). CPC received commercially zoned property on Reservation Drive in Spindale in exchange.

However, when Habitat applied for building permits, they found Pennsylvania parcel had been re-zoned commercial rather than residential. The Town of Spindale’s records had not been updated to reflect the re-zoning change from residential to commercial. Habitat contends that the town should rezone the property to residential as the Town’s records were in error.

Habitat’s mission is to eliminate substandard housing and to build safe, decent and affordable housing for low-to-moderate income families in Rutherford County. Habitat homes are not free, but built on a partnership with families who donate sweat equity hours in the building of the houses. Homeowners also have a mortgage. The homes planned on this property ranged from $100,000 to $140,000. When completed the homes add to Spindale’s tax base.

Some residents had opposed the construction due to concerns of lowering property values, increased traffic and highest and best use of the property.

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