Animal Groups’ representatives publicly thank Commissioners

Karen Parker of Rutherford Brother Wolf Animal Rescue .

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C.  — Karen Parker of Brother Wolf rescue organization spoke during public comments at the Rutherford County Commissioners meeting regarding the reorganization of the Animal Control department. She thanked the commissioners for their leadership in seeking a long-term solution to the continuing problem of feral, stray, and lost animals. Parker stated that she was looking forward to working with all adoption and rescue organizations as well. Parker is an advocate for a “no-kill” shelter and runs the Brother Wolf adoption center and thrift store on Hwy 221N.

The commissioners, having received Community Pet Center’s exit letter last December to release them from their contract, had to move quickly to find a new model for animal control operations in March. The new model moves Animal Control from under the supervision of the Sheriffs department to under James Kilgore’s supervision. The county will be hiring a new animal control operations supervisor and attendants.

“James Kilkore and Debra Conner have interviewed for the supervisor and attendant positions this week and seem encouraged with the quality of applicants. No offers have been made yet,” advised county manager Steve Garrison.

Carol Parham of Demand Animal Shelter Reform requested that the commissioners move quickly to form an animal adoption advisory board.

The Community Pet Center, also known as CPC, handled daily operations at the animal shelter for 18 months under the directorship of Lynn Falcone. Both parties upheld the current contract which was up for review in 2017. The county and CPC  met in November to discuss renegotiation points such as maintenance, IT issues, and coordination with the sheriff’s department. According to the county CPC elected not to wait on the county’s response.

The CPC made many improvements during their management tenure.  In addition to the brightly colored walls and clean cages, the most obvious improvement was the discontinuance of the animal drop box that brought national attention to RC Animal Shelter. Animal Control is not accepting any animals until March 20, 2017.


Three furry friends ready to be adopted.

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