Rutherfordton Town Council donation questioned

kidsenses-snap-shotRUTHERFORDTON – The Town of Rutherfordton is excited to support the expansion of KidSenses in downtown Rutherfordton. Some felt they were a little too excited and questioned whether state law and closed session violations had occurred. In the spirit of transparency, Town Manager Doug Barrick provided the following explanation:

Kidsenses is by in large the greatest contributor to the influx of visitors to the Town of Rutherfordton through the 10,000 sq ft of interactive and engaging space. The museum also the greatest asset the Town has to establish ourselves in the region as family friendly destination place.

During the discussions leading up the Towns kick off of Kidsenses capital campaign, the Town Council discussed this project and prospect in closed session as allowed under NC Closed Session Law. While no formal action was taken in closed session, there was discussion to support Kidsenses. The Town is also allowed under state law to support Non-profits and more over Museums and programs under 160A-488.

The Town has not spent any funds to date on this contribution and will make a formal budget amendment to allocate the pledged funds at the September Town Council meeting.

The Town is pleased to partner with Kidsenses to further the outreach in our community and families impacted through interactive play in this future maker space. Over the course of the past 10 years the Town has not financially supported the Concept rendering for KidSenses outdoor exhibitsmuseum but this opportunity to cement a partnership on Main St and to further the quality of life thought the museum is a great way for the town to establish itself as a family friendly destination.

KidSenses is in the planning stages of a grand expansion that further anchors kid-friendly activities downtown. The new brewery, currently in the planning phase, plans to offer kid menus during the day. Also, the New Expectations bookstore is also adding a cafe with kid items to order.

Let’s be clear about it – let’s support Rutherfordton as a kid and family friendly destination.