McHenry presents check for ICC Applied Sciences Center

(l-r) County commissioner chair Bryan King, ICC Board of Trustees Chair Chivous Bradley, Congressman Patrick McHenry and ICC President Walter Dalton (Photo courtesy of Isothermal Community College)

SPINDALE, N.C. – The vision of the new Applied Science Center may soon become a reality. Not only is a plan underway, but now the funding for implementation is at hand.

On Tuesday, August 18, 2015 County commissioner chair Bryan King, Isothermal Community College (ICC) Board of Trustees Chair Chivous Bradley and Isothermal Community College President Walter Dalton received a representative check for $2 million from Congressman Patrick McHenry representing the funding for a new Applied Science Center.

The photograph of the check presentation was taken in front of the “temporary” buildings built in the early 1970s by the ICC maintenance department. These outdated buildings were once used as classrooms and now for some storage. Their removal will clear the site for the new Applied Science Center as the project moves forward.


The grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration requires matching funds from the county. The commitment was made last year with the former county commissioners of Bill Eckler, Julius Owens, Eddie Holland, Greg Lovelace approving and commissioner Bo Richard voting against the project.

The 2015-2016 county budget already has cut funding to schools, repairs to ICC, and essential personnel for the Sheriff’s department. We asked County Commissioner Chair Bryan King for his thoughts on meeting the grant match.

Bryan King
Bryan King

The Applied Science $2 million dollar grant awarded to Isothermal Community College by the Economic Development Administration is a tremendous opportunity for our College, County, and Citizens.

With the Isothermal Comprehensive Applied Sciences and Workforce development center our citizens will have the opportunity for training in Chemical and materials engineering, Advanced technologies, innovative technologies and processes to meet the demands and requirements of a modern workforce.

Our current, and future employers, will be able to train and certify advanced skills for their Rutherford County workforce. This will not only be an asset in economic development for Rutherford County, but it will be an asset in the continued development of our community.  With the approval of the grant, Rutherford County has an option for job development, that it did not have before.I would like to thank Congressman Patrick McHenry, President Walter Dalton, Chairman Chivous Bradley and the ICC Board of Trustees for their work in helping bringing this applied science center to Rutherford County.

The County Commissioners will have a difficult task before them as they determine the capacity of our County budget to fund the many valid needs and requirements before them. The continued and frank discussions between all of the stakeholders in our County will be Paramount in developing a planned implementation of community investments while remaining within the Capacity constraints of the County Budget.

 – Rutherford County Commissioner Bryan King