COLUMN: Our Corner of the County

Bar-b-que – one of those Southern delights that my friends up north never understood. Barbeque is one of those small pleasures that make living in the south satisfying(note the various spellings.) On my grandfather’s farm when  a pig was butchered, all the relatives came over for a pig pickin’. Nothing like the smell of a roasting pig over a dug pit with hot coals, standing in the smoke listening to the men folk talk, and waiting for the moment when the crispy skin revealed the pork ready to be pulled. We won’t even go into the different sauces.

ol bluesSo why this sudden foray into the past? Because Thom and Amy White are looking for a place to reopen Ol’ Blue’s House of BBQ.  They are going back to the basics of good ole fashioned barbeque. Sometimes we just have to rethink, regroup, and start over. We can’t wait to hear when they are opening.

Also, noticed in our driving around that Christophers is opening where Mayflower Seafood was. Noticed they were hiring, but have no further information. We’ll keep our eyes open.

Meanwhile, our new writer Thomas was out tooling around and sent in photos of the construction site of the new EMS station and library in the southern part of the county. Enjoy the view.

New EMS station and library                                                                             Photo credit: Thomas Crawford
New EMS station and library                                                                    Photo credit: Thomas Crawford
New EMS station and library                                                                               Photo credit: Thomas Crawford