Opinion: Our Corner of the County

courtstreet theaterRUTHERFORD COUNTY, NC –┬áThe owner of the old Court Street Theatre in Rutherfordton has painted the building facade a nice blue. The incomplete interior may cause some problems with an occupancy permit before he can rent it again though.

Hatcher Hunting Supplies is promising to open in August in the old Proctor Stove and Electronics Repair storefront on Court Street. Meanwhile we hear that Great Finds will be soon moving out to their own building down 221 South. We wish them well.

Hatcher Hunting Supplies, Rutherfordton NC
Hatcher Hunting Supplies, Rutherfordton NC

Things are happening in downtown Rutherfordton on Court Street. It is nice to see investments into the old storefronts and buildings downtime. It far surpasses them being used as evidence storage lockers by the Sheriff’s department.

However there are far too many empty neglected buildings. The terrarium still exists on Second Street across the street from the upscale Firehouse Inn.

Want to walk from the courthouse down to get a cup of coffee? How do you think visitors feeling seeing roof high weeds growing in building interiors? There is nothing positive about “historic preservation” when leaking roofs (if they have one), crumbling brick, and broken windows are the norm and impose negative impressions on the few existing businesses downtown.

It’s time to enforce building and zoning codes. It’s time to take pride in our downtown.


Terrarium on First Street Rutherfordton
Terrarium on First Street