EPA issues citations to Rutherford County Airport

USEPARUTHERFORDTON- The recent EPA inspection report was discussed at the meeting of the Rutherford County Airport Authority (which consists of the Rutherford County Commissioners) on Tuesday night at the annex in Rutherfordton.

Keith Hunter spoke during public comments concerning this report. He was concerned that certain areas of the report needed to be looked at closer by the Authority. He brought up the fact that he had discussed these issues two years ago with the Airport Authority.

The ability to properly contain oil and fuel were issues that the Airport was cited for in the report. He stated that “the fix would be around $10,000 and they (the Airport Authority) really needed to look at it and do it.”

Randy Patterson, R.C. Airport Operations Manager
Randy Patterson, R.C. Airport Operations Manager

Randy Patterson, Airport Operations Manager addressed the EPA inspection that was done in May of this year by saying that they had drafted a letter of response addressing each item mentioned in the report. He stated that WK Dickson have come up with solutions to the items listed.

He said that several of the deficiencies had been addressed already by WK Dickson but thought maybe the EPA did not see it during their inspection process.

They have replaced two above ground storage tanks which housed kerosene and oil with a 280 gallon double wall EPA approved container as of Monday July 20.

Training was another area that needed improvement. Patterson stated that the staff had taken several video courses already and that he would work to make staff available to take other training as needed. They will work with WK Dickson on what needs they have and how to address them.

Patterson also said he would go over all the items in the response letter to the EPA with all parties involved before sending it to them.

He presented the financial report to the Authority saying that “We have just finished 2014-2015 year which would be the first year that the county had run the airport. It was not as well as we would hope but we are still learning.”

R.C. Airport Authority (Bryan King absent)

The work authorization on updating the airport layout plan was approved. This is a twenty year plan that must be updated every ten years per the DOA and FAA. It was last done in 2004. The plan is grant eligible and generally takes 12-18 months to complete.