Sheriff ignores poignant pot problem in Rutherfordton

Local business is stinking to high heaven

marijuana plantRUTHERFORDTON NC (June 26, 2015) Rutherfordton seems to have a new problem in this hot weather spell. The warm air is filled with the scent of ripening green pot. Yes, stored green marijuana is said to be drying out in a vacant building in downtown.

The owner of this large stash is allegedly Sheriff Chris Francis who has not answered our request for comment. Of course he has not answered the phone calls of a local store owner who is losing business over the ripening marijuana smell either.

After customers made note of the distinctive odor, the store owner began making calls for someone to address this problem. The owner has called the town manager, mayor, and county manager. All have deferred to the sheriff’s autonomous authority. However, the sheriff refuses to even return the store owner’s call.

However, two narcotic task members did visit the store and informed the owners that a near-by building was being used to store the large number of plants recently seized in a drug raid. At the visit, the officers informed the owner that they had repackaged the organic evidence and stored it in a plastic bin. However, this has done nothing to lessen the prominent odor of marijuana in the nearby store.

Meanwhile suggestions to open a nearby bakery to sell brownies, cupcakes, and other goodies on the sidewalk have fallen on deaf ears. Next new attraction in Rutherfordton: geo-stash.