Sheriff To Request 10 Additional Officers at County Commissioners Meeting

(RUTHERFORDTON) Make sure you bring your picnic basket to the county commissioners meeting on Monday at 6 PM (unless of course you are one of those who eats dinner on the taxpayers’ dime in the kitchen.) It’s promising to be a long, long night.

For the FULL agenda, click here. Below is the agenda summary. Of special note is the recommendation to move animal control to the jurisdiction of the Health Department and also Sheriff Chris Francis‘ request to add 10 additional officers to his staff – 4 entry level road patrol and 6 detention control officers. (Now where is the money going to come for that?)

A request was received from 1st Vice Chairman Dan Hegeman of the Tourism Development Authority to change the filling of vacancies and the term limits on the TDA. Hegeman seeks term limits, diversity in board composition, and that a pool of applicants willing to serve be promoted.

The Airport Authority discussed and recommended creation of an Aviation Advisory Committee that would make recommendations to the County Commissioners on goals, objectives, policies, procedures and projects to promote aviation (including aviation businesses) in Rutherford County and further develop and utilize the Rutherford County Airport. Draft bylaws for this Aviation Advisory Committee is on the following page. As
noted in the draft, the purpose of the Committee would be to “..that enhance the development of aviation in Rutherford County, including the utilization and development of Rutherford County Airport to increase economic and aviation opportunities.” The Committee would not be an Airport governing board; that responsibility would remain with the Airport Board/Commissioners.
To provide advice to the Commissioners on aviation and airport issues, the draft Bylaws provide that the Aviation Advisory Committee would be a cross-section of business representatives, airplane owners and operators, and the general public:
a. Three representatives from business or industry operation in Rutherford County
b. Three representatives owning or operating aircraft of Rutherford County Airport
c. Up to three members at large

(Wonder if any of these will have accounting or financial expertise?)

Monday, January 5, 2015 6:00 PM Commission Chambers

I. Call to Order
A. Pledge of Allegiance
B. Agenda Approval
II. Public Comments
Citizens who wish to speak must register with the Human Resources Director who will be located in the Board Meeting Room. Comments should be limited to five (5) minutes. Written comments submitted prior to the Board meeting will be copied and distributed to the County Commissioners. Public comments are a time for any citizen, guest or business to express an opinion or view on County Government to the County Commissioners. Clapping, cheering, booing or catcalls following one speaker’s comments may inhibit another person with an opposing view from speaking now or later. The Commissioners ask that audience members show respect for other people and refrain from any noise during public comments.
III. Consent Agenda
A. Minutes of the Special Meeting of December 1, 2014
B. Minutes of December 1, 2014
C. Minutes of Special Meeting of December 9, 2014
D. Tax Refunds and Releases for January, 2015
IV. Commissioners/Appointments
A. Appointment to Broad River Water Authority
B. Voting Delegate to NCACC Legislative Goals Conference
V. Commissioner Reports
A. Audit Report
B. Compilation Reports for Fire Districts
C. Animal Control Request
Rutherford County Page 1 Printed on 12/17/2014Board of Commissioners Meeting Agenda January 5, 2015
VI. Old Business
A. Rutherford County Property for Sale
B. Solid Waste Contract Update
C. Animal Control – Sheriff Department and Community Pet Center
VII. New Business
A. Budget Amendments
B. Budget Calendar for 2015-2016 Budget
C. Resolution Awarding Sergeant Michael Glenn Davis Service Revolver
Resolution Awarding Corporal Randolph (Randy) Erwin Carothers III
Service Revolver
E. Request from Sheriff for Road Patrol Officers and Detention Officers
F. Tourism Development Authority Requests
G. Chimney Rock Village – Flood Protection Ordinance Administration
H. Goals Setting Session for 2015
I. Capital Facilities Planning Process
J. Revaluation
K. Aviation Advisory Committee
L. DocuSign
VIII. Information
A. Tax Collector’s Report
IX. Adjournment